Welcome to the SR5-FAQ WikiaEdit

This is a community created FAQ page for Shadowrun, 5th Edition. It will include the community's best rulings on 5th Edition Shadowrun quirks, ranked by official Catalyst response, freelancer response and community decision.

Why We ExistEdit

There is a general feeling among many of the members of the Shadowrun community that there are large elements of the rules of Shadowrun Fifth Edition are in need of clarification. At the same time, there has been a lack of standardized errata releases for later products in the release line. This means that answers to common questions like "what attribute does a rigger use when jumped in to a drone for Pilot tests?" are hard to find and hard to source why the correct answer of Reaction is the correct answer.

This wiki will serve as a place to collect answers to these questions, organized both by book and by topic. In the case of each answer, it will need to be sourced so that the level of veracity is obvious. The acceptable sources are:

  • Word of Catalyst: This must be accompanied by either a textual reference (for instance, Chrome Flesh, page 37) or a link to a member of the Catalyst team stating it.
  • Word of Translator: This is for the places where a translated version of the 5th edition rules states things more clearly. It should be stated what the textual reference is so that it can be verified.
  • Word of Freelancer: This must be accompanied by a link to a Freelancer stating the ruling in a place where they can be recognized as a Freelancer, such as the ShadowGrid forums.
  • Word of Missions: This must be accompanied by a textual reference to the Missions ruling or a link to a member of the Missions team stating it.
  • Community Decision: This must be accompanied by a link to a discussion thread where this decision is made. In the case of a community decision, there may be conflicting decisions and each should be represented so that players can make their own decision.
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